Contending for Easter: Part 2 – The Gospel Truth, or is it?


By Tawa Anderson

In the 1980s, the Jesus Seminar argued that the vast majority of words attributed to Jesus in the Gospels do not actually originate in Jesus.  They argue that the Gospels are unreliable, theologically-colored texts.  If the Jesus Seminar is correct, it will be difficult to build a historical case for the resurrection of Jesus.  After all, our knowledge about what happened to Jesus after His arrest stems primarily from the New Testament Gospels, as even the Jesus Seminar affirms.  If our knowledge of Jesus’s fate derives from the Gospels, then it is certainly important to know whether we can trust what the Gospels say—whether the Gospels can and do contain accurate biographies of Jesus’ life and ministry.  To that end, I am going to suggest five lines of evidence which give us strong reason to believe that the Gospels aim to and actually deliver an accurate historical record.

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