Eugenie Bouchard Twirls

This is ridiculous and shameful!

Reagan. Just. Doesn’t. Get. It!

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-ND ) flickr photo shared by mirsasha

Sure it is fine for girls and women to be feminine and to want to be appreciated for that. But the point of a tennis competition is not to look feminine, it is to be stronger, faster, more skilled, and a better player than your opponent. To get to the point where she can defeat her opponent, an athlete needs to invest thousands of hours of training, endure countless defeats, injuries, and miss innumerable other opportunities.

It is utterly demeaning for anyone to ignore a woman’s accomplishments that have come about by such intense training and sacrifice and to tell her simply that she is hot. This is essentially what Reagan means when he says

They were little girls, who were made to display the beauty they were given and to have that beauty honored. (emphasis mine)

How juvenile.

When the interviewer asked Eugenie to give a twirl, it reinforced the patriarchal stereotype that women and girls are only valuable for their looks. This is the misogynist view promoted by Reagan who props it up with spiritual mumbo-jumbo and scriptures ripped from their context (read it again…it is about Israel, not women).

Is it sexist to ask women in a beauty pageant to give a twirl? No.

Is it sexist to ask women in athletic competitions to give a twirl? Without a doubt.

If Reagan wants to honour women in a Godly way, he needs to quit evaluating their asse(t)s and honour their accomplishments, their God-given gifts, their strength, their intelligence, their athletic ability, even their unique ability to lead the church.

Here is a more detailed look at Reagan’s article and his views on women.