The Anti-Vaccination movement is dangerous

Just in case you think that it is ok to not vaccinate yourself or your kids, this map should help disabuse you of that and help you think a little more clearly on the issue.

Also see the Jenny McCarthy Body Count for a display of how many vaccine preventable illnesses and deaths have occurred since 2007 vs the number of vaccine-related autism diagnoses.

This is a clear example of how our thinking can be clouded by our fascination with ‘celebrity’ and our trust of people who are famous for being famous and have no clue about what they are endorsing.

Sometimes it is appropriate to appeal to an authority on an issue. For example, if you want to know about the geological history of a particular area, you should ask a geologist, not a bicycle mechanic. Similarly, if you want to know about infectious diseases, you should talk to an epidemiologist, not a washed-up porn star.